The Hybrid & Remote Leadership Experience

Presentation Format:  This workshop engages leaders of hybrid and remote teams with planning tools, actions, and leadership rehearsal activities based on LearningZenith’s best practice research. Half-day, whether experienced virtually, in-person, or blended. Conducted by Deb or Rich for up to 16 persons from your organization. (Option: We can also license and certify you to conduct this workshop.)


This workshop provides tools for leading hybrid and remote teams. These complex work structures magnify management challenges for leaders working with people across different work situations.

The workshop begins with the Remote Structures™ leadership experience, that challenges participants to assess their leadership strengths and gaps in these situations. With their objective self-awareness raised by the experience, participants identify which best practices they need to implement for their team members.

The best practices are based on our research into what hybrid and remote team members say they need from their leaders, as well as what neuroscience tells us about why needs differ across individuals and situations. Using the best practices, participants analyze their teams and individuals and prioritize detailed actions with the LearningZenith Remote Leadership Tracker Tools™.

Core session: Half-day. Conducted by Deb or Rich, plus one producer, for up to 16 persons from your organization. (Option: We can also license and certify you to conduct this workshop.)

What do participants say?

“The Remote Structures activity stunned me by how it brought out real behaviors. I’m going to be thinking about this for a long time.”

“So much great information in the Tracker Tools. I’ll use it for a division retreat to strengthen our culture in this new hybrid world.”


This very applied workshop develops the leadership skills of:

  • Managing oneself as a leader of hybrid and remote teams
  • Analyzing individual and group communication, relationship, and structuring needs across different situations
  • Planning specific actions to meet those needs
  • Tracking implementation and impact of actions
  • Tracking individual productivity, creativity, and engagement

We help map outcomes to your organization’s development goals and competency models. This workshop is also customizable as a shared learning and planning event for intact teams.

The Workshop Includes

  • Up to 16 participants from your organization
  • Half-day, whether in-person, virtual, or blended
  • Deb or Rich as lead presenter
  • LearningZenith Remote Leadership Tracking Tools™
  • Remote Structures™ Experience behavioral assessment
  • Overview of Polaris™ Remote Leadership Competency Survey results (research conducted in partnership with Organizational Systems International)
  • Required for virtual and blended workshops: Production Host skilled in managing events on your organization’s remote tele-conferencing system. This can be provided by the client or, for additional cost, provided by LearningZenith.

We can customize your program with any of these options at additional cost and extended scheduling

  • Polaris™ Remote Leadership Competency Survey conducted in your organization (in partnership with Organizational Systems International)
  • Polaris™ Leadership 360 Assessment (Organizational Systems International), which includes the Remote Leadership Competencies
  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ personality assessment (Paradigm Personality Labs, LLC)
  • FIRO-B™ interpersonal behavior assessment tool (The Myers Briggs Company)
  • Individual Directions Inventory™ motivations assessment (Management Research Group)
  • Individual and group coaching
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