Advisory Services

It’s a New World: Discuss. Create. Achieve.

With change comes opportunity and creativity. An outside perspective frees you up to consider the kind of tomorrow needed.

We’ve got your back…

while we help move you forward. Our clients have found we help solve the thorniest workforce development challenges. We’re ready to help you solve the opportunities or obstacles you’re facing- whether large or small. We’re curious about what you face, and we bring resourcefulness and experience to help.

Client Request:

“Can you advise us in researching leader development best practices and learning solutions to use within our global logistics firm’s broader development program?”

What We Did:

We provided guidance and thought leadership for the learning solutions research team as they created a 108-page review. We also helped license a specific complex simulation and modify it for their use as a case study. Then, we shared best practices for workshop design, facilitation, and integration within the larger leadership development process. In the resulting workshop, senior leaders engaged in a series of events that immersed them in analyzing and modifying strategy, managing teams through required changes in business processes, and coaching their teams for effective execution.

Client Testimonial:

“The workshop was such a success that it was featured in national publications. The workshop, in part, contributed to a 10% increase in an overall favorable view of career development at the firm. The LearningZenith team was easy to work with and always showed up with energy and insight.”

We work with leaders and talent development professionals by first assessing organizational needs and then identifying the right kind of advice, programs, and tools to:

  • Collaborate to create the future state of your workforce and the development initiatives to achieve it
  • Help you message talent development initiatives to gain buy-in
  • Support you in navigating your organization’s political landscape
  • Ensure cultural alignment during planning and implementation
  • Bring best-in-class and evidence-based design and content
  • Implement organizational development techniques to support your initiatives (examples: strategic planning, surveys, focus groups, interviews, communication events)
  • Develop specific change initiatives, implementation plans and methods to monitor progress against those plans