Build Teamwork Across Organizational Silos – Even When Working Remotely


Two organizational groups, one at Headquarters and one in the Field, must collaborate to design and build critical structures in the remote field locations. Their creative tasks get participants up out of their seats to create and build, whether participating virtually, in-person, or a mixture of both.

For 6-16 participants. Uses simple, readily available materials at the learners’ sites. Activity: 1 hour plus debrief.

Effective for people who lead teams and people who work in teams – from individual contributor to executive level.



We help map outcomes to your organization’s development goals and competency models.

Remote Structures™ can trigger reflection, learning, and applications for many areas of leadership and teamwork. Among those are:

  • Working across silos and boundaries
  • Exclusion vs. inclusion
  • Partnering for innovation
  • Behavior under stress
  • Leading remote individuals & teams
  • Giving clear direction
  • Motivation, creativity and work satisfaction
  • Attention to others’ context in communications
  • Efficient execution vs. individual & team growth
  • Leadership styles

What You Will Receive:

  • Participant instructions and post-experience survey (for use in debrief)
  • A comprehensive facilitator guide including debriefing processes and questions

  • Detailed instructions on how to set up the exercise and use videoconferencing technology to run the activity

  • One-hour planning consultation with LearningZenith staff
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