Austen Advertising Agency:  Powerful Influence and Team Collaboration


In the competitive and fast-paced world of advertising, how you achieve individual results and collaborate with other creative and business hotshots is essential to success. Influence is everything.

The executives in this exercise have a compelling mission: identify the one individual who will lead a new organization recently acquired by Austen.

For 4-6 participants. Each participant is expected to advocate for their assigned candidate to be appointed to the new position.  The exercise takes 1 hour to run. After the conclusion of the exercise, participants are involved in an engaging debrief that highlights influence, persuasion, team building and leadership. The debrief takes approximately 45 minutes. This exercise can be conducted on-line, in-person or in a hybrid format.


We help map outcomes to your organization’s development goals and competency models.  

This highly engaging exercise develops team members in:

  • Using influence and persuasion tactics and skills
  • The use of informal power
  • Advocacy and inquiry skills to achieve the best outcome possible
  • Building a high-performance team quickly and efficiently
  • Emergent leadership

What You Will Receive:

  • Detailed instructions on how to set up and run the simulation
  • Instructions for using videoconferencing technology for the simulation if you use a remote or hybrid option
  • A comprehensive facilitator guide including debriefing processes and questions
  • Materials for each participant
  • One hour of planning consulting time with LearningZenith staff
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